We Are Entheos

Minority owned & operated

Edward Rosado
​Chrisnel Mathurin
Edward Rosado
Chrisnel Mathurin
Terrence Cole
Sophia Rosado


Ed is the Founder and President of Excalibur Law, P.A., where he has been servicing in personal injury, consumer law, criminal law, and in juvenile legal proceedings. He has also served in the United States Marine Corps and as a commissioned Naval Officer.

Chris is an experienced Outreach Coordinator that has been working for not-for-profit organizations for many years. He coaches children and adults, teaching them to develop employment and career skills in order for them to enter the workforce. 

Terrence is an at-risk Youth Motivational Speaker, and Life Planner. He has been providing life skill services to young adults ages 12-26 since the year 2000, and to the incarcerated youth, and the homeless population since 1997.

Sophia is the office manager at Excalibur Law, P.A.. She also worked as an Artist Relations and Development Representative that worked with upcoming Indie Artists to develop and cultivate their artistic talents. 

Though they each come from different walks of life, they share the same passion for serving others. As such, the trustees founded Entheos back in 2013 for that very purpose.